Man in the Jungle

De revolutionibus
(proposal for a billboard design)


This work is a comment on Science and it's battle with Religion. The working title is "De revolutionibus absurdus."

Some call the science-religion debate the fundamental crisis of our times. This debate started as the first copy of Copernicus' De revolutionibus was placed in his hands as he lay on his death bed and started a scientific revolution that continues to this day.

News stories focus on whether Intelligent Design should be taught as an alternative to evolution theory. Debates on abortion issues raise questions about the definition of life itself, asking when and whether a mother and her child are one or two people. Stories about how the FDA is in bed with drug companies brings up questions about the motivations of producing medicine. The Baby Boomers are aging, making questions of health care technology more urgent. Our past president claims that he has a personal relationship with god.


This work will use lines painted in black with fields of pure color in between the lines. Similar to my earlier work Man in the Jungle, but on a larger scale.